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Patience to Pose

I'm excited to finally see my short story, "Patience to Pose," published in Highlights for Children. I sold this one many years ago, and it deals with one of my favorite hobbies: yoga. Check out the November 2019 issue.

Starting with STEAM

I wrote four more books in the Starting with STEAM collection by Rourke Educational Media. My new titles include Space Explorers, Ocean Explorers, Let's Build a Model, and Gravity in Action.

Haley's Birthday Socks

My story, "Haley's Birthday Socks," appears in the February issue of Blast Off, an Australian children's periodical published by The School Magazine. I may have had experience with birthday socks of my own!

Family Celebrations

My family tradition called, "Restaurant Mathematician," is published in Family Celebrations, a collection of over 240 poems, toasts, and traditions collected by June Cotner and Nancy Tupper Ling.

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