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The Optimist

My short nonfiction piece, "The Optimist," will appear online this summer in Five Minutes, a literary magazine which "explores five minutes of a life in one hundred words." Very excited! I love writing flash nonfiction!

Your 10 Keys to Happiness

Chicken Soup for the Soul reprinted my story, "Trail of Hope," in their new book, Your 10 Keys to Happiness, published in 2022. My story demonstrates the importance of getting outside in nature. 

Making Me Time

I have another story published by Chicken Soup for the Soul. This one, titled, "Trail of Hope," appears in the Making Me Time edition, available February 2021. The stories in this book deal with something important for us all: self care and life balance.

Patience to Pose

I'm excited to finally see my short story, "Patience to Pose," published in Highlights for Children. I sold this one many years ago, and it deals with one of my favorite hobbies: yoga. Check out the November 2019 issue. 

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